Customer Comments and Testimonials:

Best Mechanic in Columbus

by gobuckeyes1999 at Citysearch

I highly recommend Fogles. I have had them work on a couple different cars over the last several years. The first time we went there we had a problem with a '99 Ranger that was getting conflicting (and expensive!) diagnosis from other shops. We took it to Fogles, and the owner explained exactly what the problem was, why the other guys were wrong and how it was actually a very cheap fix. So, he saved us $800 the first time we went! He's also worked on my '92 VW Cabriolet and was very knowledgeable about it and had to be quite resourceful to fix some things since some of the parts weren't available. He is a very knowledgeable, fair, honest and resourceful mechanic and with good prices to boot.

Fogle's for Excellent, Superior and Fair Service

by Karen Feasel at Google

My husband and I have been going to Fogle's Automotive for the last 17 years. Whenever we have had any issues with any of our cars we have always gone to Fogle's for excellent, superior and fair service. We have gone to other places for service and then went to Fogle's to find that the other shops created work that was not needed. Since Dimitri has been there as a shop worker, and now owner, we have relied on his awesome expertise in the automotive field. We have have become good friends with him and have always referred his shop to other people.

He really is the best there is!

by Tina B at Google

There is no better team of mechanics than Fogles, not just in Columbus, but I have yet to find a better one anywhere I've lived. My husband and I drive older cars with a lot of miles on them (a 98 and 03, both over 140k miles), and I credit still being able to drive it to Dimitriy and his team at Fogles. He is the only mechanic I have ever had that I feel like I can drop off the keys with him and say "It doesn't feel right, please tell me why." He's honest, he has a lot of integrity, and his prices are more than fair. I have recommended him to several people, and no one has ever been disappointed. Sadly, I moved away, and I couldn't take my favorite mechanic with me. But even after moving, I called him with a question and he took the time to help me. He really is the best there is!

Fogle's Are the Real Deal

by r at Yahoo 02/02/2010

Ditto exactly to Doug's review. I worked in the auto repair business for about 15 years. And during those years I learned alot about auto repair and most importantly how to reconize a real "mechanic" the guys at Fogle's are the real deal. I've had two of my cars in there and have referred 3 friends, all satisfied as well.

I strongly recommend Fogle's Automotive!

by Michele Kimble at Google

I just started having my car serviced at Fogle's Automotive, and I could not be happier. I discovered them based on all of the other great reviews that I found on the Web. I had taken my car to a national chain to have the brakes replaced. After spending >$1300 on brakes, rotors, and a wheel bearing, my breaks were making terrible noises. I also needed tires; therefore, I visited Fogle's. They were very helpful, honest, and quick with the repairs. They replaced the tires cheaper than the national chains, and they gave me advice on how to get the issue with my breaks resolved. The information that they gave me allowed me to go back to the national chain and have my breaks repaired without allowing them to take additional advantage of me. I was able to talk to them with expert knowledge, showing them that I would know if they tried to overcharge me again. I strongly recommend Fogle's automotive!

Never Had Better Service

by jacqueline_salisbury at Yahoo03/26/201

I found Fogle's via a relative of the owner of Fogle's, Demetri. I have never had better service and at reasonable prices. I am a customer for life! I appreciate the compassion they serve when dealing with my vehicle and knowing that safety for them is their first concern.